The NATO Centre of Excellence for Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters (COE CSW) has issued two new podcasts covering an introduction to the work of Human Rights at Sea.

Speaking with honorary Trustee Professor Steven Haines and CEO David Hammond, both former Royal Navy and Royal Marines Officers, respectively, the podcasts cover a host of related issues around maritime law, application, challenges, and solutions in the maritime environment. This is based on the UK NGOs experience and work since 2014.

Interviewed by Lt. James Cook, USN, Legal Advisor with COE CSW, the two editions provide a conversational and light-touch approach to the background of the speakers and the activities of the expanding UK-based NGO.

The first Podcast covers the laws protecting the victims of human rights abuses at sea, barriers to enforcing these laws, the Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea, advocacy issues, as well as the differences between Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law.

The second Podcast, as a continuation of the first, covers misnomers regarding “illegal” migration, what can be done about the plight of abandoned seafarers, considerations for military commanders and legal advisors when operations run up against potential human rights abuses, and more.

HRAS continues to variously support NATO, the NATO Shipping Centre and other interested stakeholders with awareness, education and access to its civil society materials and conference attendance on an independent and open-source basis. 

The NATO centre said: “Human Rights at Sea has long been a phenomenal source of knowledge and expert insight on the work that we continue to do at the COE CSW to promote adherence to the rule of law in maritime operations.

It is our great privilege, therefore, to host Steven Haines and David Hammond in sharing their considerable experience with our broader audience of naval practitioners and legal advisors whose mission, much like Human Rights at Sea, is to foster a more humane and just ocean.”

CEO David Hammond commented: “Working with NATO on request is an integral part of our wide-ranging inputs from shipping incidents, fisheries challenges to field investigation matters in the likes of Ukraine, the Mediterranean and in other States. We are pleased to provide our independent civil society perspective to interested stakeholders across all Member States.”

About The COE CSW is a leading NATO think-and-do tank focused on enhancing military capability to contend with the security challenges posed in the world’s confined and shallow waters.


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