Human Rights at Sea is pleased to support the dissemination of a newly created post-graduate opportunity by the University of Greenwich, London, UK, dedicated to expanding the academic development of human rights at sea. 

PhD Outline

Led by Professor Steven Haines, this project is intended to investigate aspects of Human Rights at Sea and address especially the relationship between International Human Rights Law (IHRL), the Law of the Sea and those other bodies of law of relevance within the maritime environment (e.g. Shipping Law, Refugee Law, Environmental Law). It is also very likely that the project will need to confront issues of a jurisdictional nature. 

The applicant will have the freedom to propose a detailed project under this general heading, the main proviso being that it must address the application of IHRL, the monitoring of human rights standards, compliance with and enforcement of the law. There is an especially important area to investigate in relation to compliance with human rights standards on the high seas, although a focus on the high seas is not essential – it would, for example, be acceptable for a proposal to focus on zones of coastal state jurisdiction rather than the high seas. 

The applicant’s proposal may well be restricted to a particular sector of the maritime environment (e.g. the shipping industry, the fishing industry, the cruise ship industry). It could also deal with issues to do with maritime crime, including transnational organised crime at sea. Essentially, the choice of research question/topic is the applicant’s – although it must be substantially concerned with human rights. Any prospective applicant is encouraged to contact the Lead Supervisor to discuss ideas before working up a research proposal and submitting an application.

Application Details

Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences 
MPhil/PhD Scholarship: Human Rights at Sea
Reference: VCS-FLAS-05-21
Closing Date: 30th June 2022

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Please Note

All applications must be addressed as per the application form through the University of Greenwich only.