Abandoned ALI BEY Crew Provide Bleak Video Testimony of their Circumstances in Romania

London. UK. / Constanza, Romania. The stranded Panamanian flagged MV ALI BEY (IMO 9070515) crew who have been abandoned and detained alongside Constanza port in Romania since 30 November 2020 without wage payment and suffering challenging conditions onboard have provided Human Rights at Sea with updated video testimony as to their position which amounts to a bleak outlook.

UAE Government Resolution to help address Abandonment and Seafarers’ Rights

London. UK.  On 1 July 2021, the UAE Government's Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure issued Cabinet Resolution No. (71) of 2021 on 'Marine Wrecks And Violating Ships' as part of its new pathway "to regulate the navigational activities, protection of the marine environment, safety and security of the UAE maritime sector and to protect the rights of seafarers on board ships in UAE waters and ports" detailed by its accompanying Circular. The Resolution was signed-off by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister.

Panama Maritime Authority acknowledges mistake in MV ALI BEY Case on ILO Abandonment Database

London. UK.  The ongoing case of the Panama-flagged, Turkish owned, MV ALI BEY (IMO 9070515) vessel arrested in Constanta Port, Romania and abandoned since 30 November 2020 has seen the Panama Maritime Authority (PMA) acknowledge a misquotation of ITF regional co-ordinator, Mohamed Arrachedi, resulting in corrections and amendments to the ILO database. Had the misquote not been spotted the four Syrian seafarers abandoned onboard for eight months would have been further disadvantaged more than they already are.

Syrian Master Urgently Requests Support to End Eight Month Abandonment

London. UK. The Master of the MV Ali Bey (IMO 9070515) has provided a voluntary video testimony to Human Rights at Sea outlining the privations that he and the remaining three Syrian crew members continue to suffer since their vessel was arrested and abandoned by its owner in Constanza Port, Romania, in November 2020 with earned wages owed prior to that date stated as totalling USD $175,000.

IMO and HRAS speak to the BBC about Seafarer Abandonment

London, UK. On Saturday, 17 April, representatives from the International IMO and Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) joined BBC Radio Scotland's national morning programme to discuss the ongoing issue and rising cases of abandoned seafarers globally. Mr. Frederick Kenny, Director of the IMO Legal Affairs and External Relations Division, and David Hammond, CEO, HRAS answered searching questions with the aim of bringing increased understanding to the Scottish audience.

Ongoing investigation of Indonesian fishers abandoned and exploited in Fiji

London, UK. / Suva, Fiji. Humanitarian ship visitors working with the UK charitable NGO, Human Rights at Sea, have been alerted to exploited Indonesian crew on a Chinese owned Fijian-flagged long-liner abandoned in the Port of Suva without their wages apparently being paid for 12 months. Crew circumstances include having to continue to work onboard without pay, having minimal access to communications, allegedly being kept on the vessel without shore access and their identity documents being retained.

Seafarers call for better support, transparency and information on COVID19-[Updated]

"I was about to join a vessel and now I am completely out of cash... What do we do? What about our families?" London. UK. Human Rights at Sea has been deluged with cases of seafarers seeking to highlight their plight either after being left on vessels, left ashore in foreign countries unable to return to their families due to the unprecedented COVID 19 crisis, and not having sufficient information being passed to them.

Wallem CEO takes firm line over abuse of seafarer human rights

Press Release 14th July 2019 “Investing in a company or building or trucks and planes is easy. You run out of money, the staff go home. In ships you simply walk away and leave the crew stranded.” Photo Credit: Wallem London. UK. The continued arrest and detainment without supplies of the 13 seafarers onboard the...

Abandoned seafarer podcast testimony to conditions endured on MV Tamim Aldar

Press Release 1 July 2019 London. UK. At the time of writing in a rapidly developing phase to the current matter which should herald the end of the abandonment of the remaining crew onboard the UAE flagged MV Tamim Aldar, the remaining four seafarers (two Indian, two Eritrean) are currently under tow back to the...

Indian Seafarer Abandonment discussed at SAFETY4SEA London Conference

Press Release 1st April 2019 London.UK. The first SAFETY4SEA London conference was held at the Hellenic Centre with speaker support from Human Rights at Sea. The charity covered the issue of Indian seafarer abandonment, including an update from the charity’s recent invitation to Mumbai to speak at the Forum for Integrated National Security (FINS) ‘Human...

Abandoned Indian Seafarer Family Statement on behalf of AB Mayur Gawade off UAE Coast

Press Release 24th March 2019 “He left us to work to make life better for his family” said his Uncle. “We are very proud of him, but we want him back. We want him to visit his Grandmother’s grave.” London. UK. Following on from two previously issued Indian seafarer abandonment case studies from vessels currently...

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