Education, empathy and mutual support. A Master’s experience addressing COVID-19 Social Exclusion

"I have decided that I will use all the knowledge and wisdom that my profession has given me to help people around me now,  while my fellow Seafarer friends work non-stop at sea ensuring the supply chain for survival of mankind keeps running uninterrupted." London. UK. / New Delhi India. Following the recent Human Rights at Sea article covering the topic of a Master's social exclusion on return home in India following sign-off, and the emerging COVID-19 pandemic concerns, the charity is pleased to positively report how the Master has approached the issue with his family and neighbours by using available facts, education and empathetic support to address their legitimate concerns.

COVID-19: Social Exclusion for Returning Seafarers strains Family Relationships

"Little did I know that the excitement of going home finally after 6.5 months would turn into a nightmare after I landed." London. UK. Over the last 72 hours, Human Rights at Sea has been deluged with Indian seafarers getting in contact with the charitable NGO outlining the challenges they are facing during the current COVID-19 crisis. This now includes emerging issues relating to unexpected social exclusion when some seafarers return home.

New Indian Koli Fishing Community Human Rights Baseline Study published

Reflecting ongoing human rights research work throughout the maritime environment and associated supply chains today Human Rights at Sea publishes their baseline field report for the Koli fishing community who live and work at sea in Mumbai, India. Undertaken in the field during the monsoon period the charity's local researchers spent time with the fishermen, their Co-opertative Societies, local community representatives and government officials to understand the levels of awareness, advocacy and understanding of individual's human rights as they apply within the community.

Seafarer abuse continues with low settlement offers for outstanding wages

This evening Human Rights at Sea was contacted in desperation by a seafarer and Indian national 34-year-old Vikas Mishra from Jaunpur who had previously suffered 35 months and 13 days onboard the UAE flagged MV Tamim Aldar owned by Eliteway Marine Services Ltd without pay and seeing his family in what has been a widely and internationally reported matter.

India Driving National Human Rights at Sea Agenda

Press Release 15th July 2019 London, UK. The Indian Government and National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) are driving forward with the newly created ‘human rights at sea’ agenda in quick time following the first national seminar on the topic held in Mumbai on 28 February 2019, and last week’s historic NHRC meeting in New Dehli...

India. Forum for Integrated National Security Seminar ‘Human Rights at Sea’ report published

Press Release 23 May 2019 London. UK. / Mumbai. India. With permission, Human Rights at Sea publishes the final report and recommendations of the 2019 Forum for Integrated National Security (FINS) seminar on ‘Human Rights at Sea’ held at The Leela Hotel, Mumbai on 28 February 2019. The report details the current discussion, issues and concerns...

Indian Seafarer Abandonment discussed at SAFETY4SEA London Conference

Press Release 1st April 2019 London.UK. The first SAFETY4SEA London conference was held at the Hellenic Centre with speaker support from Human Rights at Sea. The charity covered the issue of Indian seafarer abandonment, including an update from the charity’s recent invitation to Mumbai to speak at the Forum for Integrated National Security (FINS) ‘Human...

Abandoned Indian Seafarer Family Statement on behalf of AB Mayur Gawade off UAE Coast

Press Release 24th March 2019 “He left us to work to make life better for his family” said his Uncle. “We are very proud of him, but we want him back. We want him to visit his Grandmother’s grave.” London. UK. Following on from two previously issued Indian seafarer abandonment case studies from vessels currently...

Indian Government engages in Human Rights at Sea debate

Press Release 1st March 2019 Mumbai, India. Yesterday, 28 February 2019, at the Leela Hotel, Mumbai, the inaugural national-level seminar on ‘Human Rights at Sea’ was held by the Forum for Integrated National Security (FINS) think-tank with Indian Government engagement. This was the first time that a State has recognised and been engaged in the...

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