VIDEO. Indian Fishermen stranded in Iran without pay and food running low

'After the pilgrims and students then we will come to the fishermen'. London. UK. Human Rights at Sea has been requested to raise the plight of up to an assessed 1000 Indian fishermen stranded in and around Kish Island, Iran, without work and pay since 24 February, and who are now running very short on staple foods which it is reported will only last for several more days.

HRAS Case Study Seafarers’ Abandonment on Kish Island, Iran

Press Release Tuesday 17 July 2018 London.UK. Human Rights at Sea has published a case study that sheds light into alleged labour abusive practices and seafarers’ abandonment on Kish Island, in Iran. With evidence supplied by seafarers themselves, seventeen seafarers were allegedly left to face destitution on the island of Kish by their respective shipping...

Human Rights at Sea intern Hajar Hejazi publishes on the Sanchi collision incident in Iranian Press

IRAN. Iran-based Human Rights at Sea intern, Hajar Hejasi, has published an article in Farsi by invitation in the Iranian newspaper Sore Israfil  on the Sanchi Collision incident. In her article in Farsi, Hajar presents an account of the most important highlights of the incident, the response from the Chinese maritime authorities and the whole management of...

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