New Policy Brief on Search and Rescue exposes EU countries disregard for human life and Frontex involvement in maritime pushbacks

Human Rights at Sea today issues a new civil society policy briefing critically reviewing EU Member States and the European Border and Coastguard Agency (Frontex) policies and practices in undertaking search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea.

Survivors of deadly Mediterranean migrant crossing share testimonies in new publication

For migrants and refugees fleeing adversity in Libya, the dangerous Central Mediterranean Sea is the only way to reach safety the only passage to safety. Victims and Survivors of the world’s deadliest migration route share their stories of fear, suffering and hope, in the latest publication from Human Rights at Sea.

HRAS supports EU Commissioners call for human rights protections in the Mediterrenean Sea

London. UK. HRAS Commentary. Early last week, the Office of Dunja Mijatović, the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, published 'A distress call for human rights', a comprehensive follow-up to the 2019 recommendations drafted in 'Lives saved. Rights protected. Bridging the protection gap for refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean'. Human Rights at Sea has reviewed and today, highlights its recommendations in support.

Human Rights at Sea signs the Open letter to Secretary-General of IMO requesting the revocation of Libya’s SAR zone

Press Release Immediate  Thursday 2 July 2020 LONDON.UK. Human Rights at Sea has today signed the Open Letter to the IMO Secretary General Mr Kitack Lim prepared  by the civil liberties organisation Statewatch which was delivered on 29 June 2020 signed by hundreds of individuals and organisations.  The letter openly calls on the  Secretary-General  to revoke the Libyan...

Haunting Testimony of Easter Weekend Deaths of Migrants & Human Rights Abuses

"Then the Medkon Lines ship passed close by but didn't stop. Three of us started screaming desperately, then jumped in the water and tried to reach the ship. They drowned in a minute." "They looked at us as if we weren't human beings." London.UK.  Human Rights at Sea re-publishes a devastating translated witness-based testimony on the events of the Easter weekend 10-12 April in the Central Mediterranean taken from the Italian Repubblica newspaper. This follows previous reporting by the charity as to the tragic and unacceptable circumstances of the weekend's events.

Italy sees major drop in migrant crossings from Libya to Europe. But is the cost too high?

Human Rights at Sea comments in the recent article by The Christian Science Monitor about the increasing concern about the actions of the Italian State and European Union in trampling on customary humanitarian principles and international human rights law relating to migrants and refugees returned to Libya, and the well-documented human rights abuses suffered by...

[Updated] Planned EU NGO Code of Conduct threatens life-saving search and rescue operations

PRESS RELEASE Immediate 6 July 2017 Planned EU NGO Code of Conduct threatens life-saving search and rescue operations  “Failure to sign this Code of Conduct or failure to comply with its obligations may result in the refusal by the Italian State to authorize the access to national ports, subject to compliance with the existing international...

HRAS Intern becomes Erasmus+ Ambassador

Melanie Glodkiewicz selected as an Erasmus+ Ambassador “My internship has been a life-changing period” Wednesday 14 June 2016 Human Rights at Sea is delighted to announce that a former intern, Miss Melanie Glodkiewicz, has been selected to become a European Erasmus+ Programme ambassador following her work on Mediterranean migrant projects for the charity and while seconded to the...

20 Questions exposing the African Economic Migrant Narrative to the Maritime Community

PRESS RELEASE Immediate – 13 June 2016 “I have no worry about crossing the sea, because as soon as I take decision to leave my family for an unknown world, there is no more worry. I will either succeed or die. That is it.” Following extensive field research in the Sahel, Africa, Human Rights at...

Press Release: Launch of new migrant film trailer ‘The Dead Sea’

PRESS RELEASE Launch of new migrant film trailer ‘The Dead Sea’ UK. 27 April 2016. Human Rights at Sea is delighted to be able to support the release of the new trailer for the forthcoming short film, ‘The Dead Sea‘, exploring the abuses suffered, privations and humanitarian issues for migrants travelling to Europe from North Africa. Often harrowing...

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