Confronting the sexual abuse narrative pervading an indifferent shipping industry

London. UK. The Lloyds List article 'Maersk suspends crew after rape allegation involving cadet' has rightly challenged the current narrative and stigmas around reporting sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and intimidation of young seafarers set against a background of apparent industry indifference reflecting a collective malaise on the topic.

New Case Study Addressing the Future of Seafaring in Kiribati

London. UK. / Brisbane, Australia.  A globally dispersed community of seafarers from Kiribati are at the epicentre of an arduous struggle for repatriation following their displacement during the crew change crisis. Human Rights at Sea has today published a case review addressing their future in the global shipping industry following peer review.

Bangladesh Supreme Court denounces illegalities and lack of transparency in shipbreaking sector

On 14 November, the High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh declared the import, beaching and breaking of the infamous FPSO North Sea Producer illegal. The judgment was issued in a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by NGO Shipbreaking Platform member organisation Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA). The Court further noted with dismay the incessant violations of national and international laws by the shipbreaking industry, and passed several directions upon the government to regulate the sector in line with earlier rulings.

Clean Shipping Coalition: Maersk undermines its reputation with plan to circumvent ship recycling law

Brussels, 8 June 2016 – The Clean Shipping Coalition criticises container ship giant Maersk for its statement that is considers to flag out end-of-life vessels from the Danish or other European registries in order to circumvent the European Ship Recycling Regulation. The Clean Shipping Coalition, a global coalition of nine organisations promoting sustainable shipping, argues...

NGO Criticizes Maersk’s Ship Recycling Plan

By MarEx 2016-02-12 13:35:25 Shipbreaking at Alang (courtesy IMO) Ship recycling advocacy organization NGO Shipbreaking Platform issued a statement Friday strongly criticizing Maersk Group’s plan to send its vessels to Alang, India’s beaching shipbreakers, and to work with Alang’s yards to improve conditions. “Today, the majority of ships are dismantled and recycled at facilities on beaches. Here,...

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