Seafarers Welfare Board for New Zealand fully concurs with HRAS Report

"The report’s recommendations, which the SWB fully concur with, offer a clear way forward to ensuring that when seafarers arrive in New Zealand ports, they will continue to receive the standard of care and welcome they so richly deserve." London, UK. Following the 16 April publication of the commissioned Human Rights at Sea report New Zealand: Under-Funding of Seafarers’ Welfare Services and Poor MLC Compliance and Counsel's Opinion into the sustainability of seafarer welfare centres in New Zealand, the Seafarers Welfare Board for New Zealand has issued a follow-up press release.

Taiwanese Fisheries Agency addresses 2019 Greenpeace Fisheries Slavery Report with Prosecutors

London. UK. FISHERIES. The Taiwanese Government has responded to the Greenpeace allegations of forced labour practices in the Taiwanese fleet from the 2019 report: '“SEABOUND: The Journey to Modern Slavery on the High Seas”. The Fisheries Agency of Taiwan has now forwarded the cases to the Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office.

South Western Fish Producer Organisation releases 2019 Business and Human Rights Audit

London, UK / Ivybridge, Devon, UK.  Today, sees the public release of the inaugural South Western Fish Producers Organisation (SWFPO) Ltd Business and Human Rights Audit dated 10 January 2019 through the Human Rights at Sea independent platform. Commenced in late 2018 and submitted in January 2019, the comprehensive report was commissioned by SWFPO as part of their internal drive to develop levels of awareness and standards relating to human rights within their supply chain.

Taiwan Government Positively and Comprehensively Responds to Human Rights at Sea Fisheries Report

"The Presidential Office Human Rights Consultative Committee, the Human Rights Promotion Task Force of the Executive Yuan and the Coordination Conference for Human Trafficking Prevention have been inviting relevant ministries and agencies to convene meeting regularly. Relevant issues being addressed in such meetings have already embraced the philosophy of human rights at sea." London, UK / Taipei, Taiwan. Human Rights at Sea is pleased to publish the formal Taiwan Government response from the Director General of the Taiwan Fisheries Agency to the charity's October 2019 '“Baseline Study on the Awareness and Application of Human Rights in Taiwan’s Fishing Industry”, as a matter of transparency and reflection of positive State engagement with the organisation.

A Challenging Review of Maritime Industry support for Business and Human Rights

Press Release 4 March 2019 “Over the last seven years there has been little concerted and collaborative effort by the shipping industry to embed the concept, develop unified policies, drive effective remedy and demonstrate public accountability in the field of business and human rights.” London. UK. Human Rights at Sea today issues a new independent...

Second Flag States and Human Rights Report Published

Press Release 9 June 2019 London, UK. Human Rights at Sea, in partnership with the University of Bristol Law School Human Rights Implementation Centre, today issues the second independent public report: ‘An evaluation of Flag State Practice in Monitoring, Reporting and Enforcing Human Rights Obligations on Board Vessels’ as part of an ongoing study into the...

UN Global Compact Communication on Engagement 2019 Published

Press Release 13th March 2019 London. UK. Human Rights at Sea has published its second Communication on Engagement (COE) for the UN Global Compact to the UN Secretary General. The document outlines the ongoing developments for the charitable NGO, and its continued work as a non-business participant to support the UN Global Compact within its...

Manning Agents & UK Fisheries Supply Chain Investigative Report & Case Study of Non-EEA crew from the Philippines

Press Release Immediate London.UK. Human Rights at Sea has published a new case study exploring the issue of Philippine manning agencies supplying Non-EEA crew to the UK Fisheries industry and the issues this raises in terms of transparency of practice, due diligence to assure welfare safeguards for crew, and the necessary safeguards required to ensure...

New EJF report and film: Thailand’s Seafood Slaves

Released today, EJF’s new report underscores the shortcomings in public and private sector efforts to combat human trafficking, forced labour and debt bondage in Thailand’s fishing sector. A link to the accompanying film can be found here. EJF’s new investigation returns to Kantang to uncover that IUU fishing, modern slavery, torture and murder still plague the fishing...

Press Release: Human Rights at Sea on Australian Senate Committee Report – Asylum Seekers Detained on Nauru

Press Release: Australian Senate Committee Recognises Breaches of Human Rights of Asylum Seekers Arriving by Sea Detained on Nauru For Immediate Release Human Rights at Sea has been following the investigations by the Australian Senate Committee concerning the detention of asylum seekers arriving by sea in the Nauru Regional Processing Centre. On 31 August 2015...

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