The Guardian covers HRAS Investigation into Kiribati Observer Death at Sea

London. UK. The untimely and unexplained death in March 2020 of Kiribati Fisheries Observer Eritara Aati Kaierua while at sea on the Taiwanese-flagged vessel the WIN FAR 636 has been highlighted in the international press by The Guardian, including reference to the recently published  Human Rights at Sea investigation report which took 12 months to compile.

Human Rights at Sea Comment: Irish Government Report on non-EEA workers in Irish Fishing Fleet

Following the establishment of a dedicated Task Force, the Irish Government has issued its Report of the Government Task Force on Non-EEA workers in the Irish Fishing Fleet December 2015. The Report was instigated in response to The Guardian Newspaper (2 November 2015) article raising the issue of trafficked migrant fishermen and in which it revealed...

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