Toon van de sande
Toon van de Sande
Expert, Maritime Wellbeing

Toon started his career as a theologian. Currently, Toon is regularly working as a chief mate in the inland shipping. In 2020 he finished a research and advise project to restart a professional form of welfare-work in the port of Rotterdam. From 2012-2015 Toon’s mayor task was Assistant Programme Director for the ‘Maritime Piracy – a Humanitarian Response Programme’. He was involved in the setup of that programme from the very beginning in 2010. The objective of this programme is to organize a continuum of care for seafarers and their families affected by piracy.

In 2012 regional MPHRP regions started in India, Ukraine and the Philippines. His key tasks were development of several training-courses and first emergency response. He trained 300 participants to enable them to convene the Pre Departure Piracy Awareness Course in India, Ukraine, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. In November 2014 he was told to stop these activities and later in 2014 tasked to develop programme-proposals, time-lines, budgets and adaptations of the MPHRP Good Practice Guides and subsequent training regarding Piracy and Armed Robbery in West Africa.  Toon is a certified Trainer of the Wellness at Sea programme and delivered that course in Odessa in 2016.

He is ‘trust-person’ for the employees of three shipping companies with special attention to their safety and wellbeing.

Since 2015 he is working as a consultant on Maritime Safety and Security with emphasis on Humanitarian Issues.

He is assisting several companies (like Damen Shipyards) in first emergency response and developing ‘Travel and Stay in Risky Areas Preparedness Policy’

He is doing research on Modern Seamanship and Ethical Values. Also developing a Company Disruptive Events Risk Assessment to discover areas to be covered by training or new company’s policy. Key words are: Management of uncertainty, Crisis Incubation, Toxic forms of Management, Insider Threats and Paradigm Blindness. Toon accepted also a request to do research on the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 with emphasis on strategy to implement MLC 2006 after ratification on shore based facilities.

This study leaded to several training-workshops for volunteers working in Seafarers’ Clubs and the Union Nautilus.

Toon was pastor from 2000 till 2012 working abroad for the Dutch Dredging and Offshore Industry, providing counselling and First Emergency Response.

He visited 68 countries worldwide. He was part of several emergency response teams of the dredging companies Boskalis Westminster, Van Oord, DMS (Damen Marine Services) and other companies. He dealt with 38 serious traumatic incidents, among which the capsizing of the MV Rocknes was a mayor disaster with 18 victims and 13 survivors.  He stayed in Bergen for 11 days, assisting the survivors and the families of the victims. All his costs and expenses then were paid by Gard Services a Norwegian Insurance Company. In the 3 years after the incident he kept close contact with all involved to gather the lessons learned, to visit the ship after repair and new sea trials, to support the crew etc. He assisted the Emergency Response Team van Damen Shipyards after the plane-crash in Cuba where 3 employees died.

In 2012 Toon started as ‘ZZP-er’ (One Person Business) his enterprise named ‘Spiritension’. The vision could be described as: ‘Challenge to Clarify’. He offers first emergency response after a crisis caused by an disruptive event and subsequent training on that area. And, if requested, reflection about multicultural communication.

He was Chief Editor of the Dutch Maritime Quarterly ‘Diepgang’.

From 1991-2001 he worked as Port-Chaplain in the Port of Rotterdam. From the start in 1995 Toon was involved in the development and organisation of the ICMA-Seafarers Ministry Training. Two times he was the convenor of this 11days-training and lectured on Post Crisis Pastoral Care and other subjects.

In his earlier career he studied Theology and edited a Manuscript from the 13th century about a philosophical topic on ‘the eternity of the world by Bonaventura’. He finished his university-study as M.A “cum laude”. In the 80-ties he was Chairman of the Franciscan Academy in The Netherlands.

Toon also worked as a teacher, a trainer of school-teams on religion-matters and he was staff-member on the Pastoral Centre of the Diocese of Den Bosch for the training of lay workers in the church. He developed several courses on pastoral care and other issues, also on catechesis for young children. In his early days he was first-mate in the inland shipping.

Toon speaks and understands English and German and after some extra practice French and Russian basically.

He wrote several scientific and popular publications about his work and research,  for example on terrorism, and is consulted on the development of the professionalism and training of welfare-workers in the maritime industry.


Safety and Security Consultancy

with emphasis on humanitarian issues.

Kromhout 143f

3311 RE  Dordrecht

The Netherlands