Toon van de sande
Toon van de Sande
Expert, Maritime Wellbeing

Toon is one of the speakers at the 2022 Wellness at Sea Maritime Schools' Conferences and regularly works as the first mate in inland shipping as Chief Mate as well as an accredited trainer for the Wellness at Sea Programme, and has worked within a number of roles within the church. 

He completed research on the Maritime Levy Campaign 2006 (ch.4. ) and wrote a paper to support the restart of diaconal work for Seafarers in the Ports of Rijnmond. 

At the World Conference of the International Christian Maritime Association, he delivered a presentation on cooperation in seafarers' welfare. 

From 2009 he was involved in the setup of the Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme and has trained 300 trainers in Pre Departure Piracy Awareness worldwide. 

Toon was a sailing pastor from 2000 to 2012 for the Dutch Dredging Industry, providing pastoral care and First Emergency Response.

From 1995 Toon was involved in the development and organisation of the ICMA-Seafarers Ministry Training (SMT) and was the convenor of this 11-day training and lectured on Post Crisis Pastoral Care and other subjects.

Toon studied Theology and edited a 13th-century Manuscript about a philosophical topic on 'the eternity of the world by Bonaventura'. He finished his study as MA "cum laude".