David Hammond Esq. BSc(Hons), PGDL

David Hammond is the Founder of Human Rights at Sea having conceived the idea for the charity and the development of the international on-line platform in 2013 which was first presented at the first London International Shipping Week 2013, followed by its formal launch on 3 April 2014. In between he has undertaken senior legal, advisory and teaching positions for International Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law roles globally at national, EU and UN level.

In October 2017, David stepped back from his role as CEO to become a Trustee. David took up a short-term transformative role as the Executive Director of the Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco Glowing (ECLT) Foundation based in Geneva, Switzerland. There he was responsible for the successful leadership, daily management and delivery of the Foundation and its global activities through the removal of children from conditions of child labour in tobacco-growing communities around the world.

Since 31 May 2019, David has returned to lead the trustees for delivering the day-to-day running of the charity while undertaking advisory roles both with the charity and its non-profit subsidiary trading company, Human Rights at Sea International Ltd.

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