Press Release [Updated]

Thursday 20 May 2021

Update 26 May 2021: Review the HRAS presentation ‘Impacts when Welfare and Mental Health Safeguards Fail‘.

London.UK. The 1st Global Conference for Seafarer Mental Health and Wellbeing will bring together global leaders and key stakeholders from the maritime sector who are actively involved and have a keen interest in discussing practical solutions to improving seafarer mental health and wellbeing. The focus will be on interventions and exploring best practice of implementation, monitoring results and identifying what more can be done.

In 2020 an industry-wide survey on seafarer wellbeing showed that 54% of seafarers felt they were not being actively helped to manage stress and fatigue. This is with the backdrop of a significant crew-change crisis impacting both seafarers and their families during a tumultuous year. But seafarer mental health and well-being has been an area of concern well before the pandemic, with issues such as isolation, fatigue, and stress being commonly reported.

Human Rights at Sea is pleased to participate in the first day of the Conference on Tuesday 25 May 11-12 pm BST and join a panel that will address ‘Taking a universal approach to improving life on board’ .

Register and see the Conference’s  Programme here.