Steven Kay QC

Steven Kay QC leads 9 Bedford Row’s International team. He is a leading international criminal lawyer with a global reputation who has been in many of the landmark cases that have established modern international criminal law and led the 9 BRi team that successfully obtained the withdrawal of the case at the ICC against President Uhuru Kenyatta. His cases demonstrate the depth of experience and the quality of the work for which he has been hired. 9 Bedford Row’s other international lawyers have been involved in most of these cases with him and they have developed together an impressive team to meet the unique challenges these cases present in whatever part of the world they may arise.

Steven is experienced in advising clients at the crisis stage of an international situation by setting out their options and guiding their responses, whilst also making the preparations necessary for future litigation. International cases are complex and demanding, they require a careful exercise of judgment and a thorough understanding of the issues involved so that a case is ready by the time you arrive in court. Experience has shown that good systems for the collection and management of evidence are necessary and he assembles highly able team members to perform these tasks. The presentation of that material in oral or written form is crucial and it is here where his advocacy and presentational skills are able to make the difference in a clear, understandable and accurate presentation of a case either through the questioning of witnesses or speeches.

He is Co-Chair of the IBA War Crimes Committee, a founder member of the ICLB and ranked as a leading practitioner at the UK bar.

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