Andrea Tang (UK)

My internship with Human Rights at Sea has been an invaluable experience for me. Working with this international initiative, I have been able to expand my knowledge in maritime and human rights issues, whilst honing my legal skills. In comparison to other pro bono projects I had been involved with, I have felt that Human Rights at Sea provided me with a unique learning experience, allowing me to work autonomously to my own initiative whilst providing me with support and guidance. Throughout my time with Human Rights at Sea, I was able to explore and various human rights issues including refugee rights in Australia and the Mediterranean, safety on ships, and UN arms embargoes. I was also given the opportunity to use my research to draft articles and other summaries for the organisation, which allowed me to develop valuable professional skills. Human Rights at Sea has been a unique and important part of my professional development, and I would highly recommend an internship there!

Andrea Tang, LLB, Barrister

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