Daniel Shepherd (Wales, UK)

During my time with Human Rights at Sea I have been involved in the provision of advice and assistance to a German based NGO undertaking human rights field operations in the Mediterranean. The escalation in irregular seaborne migration from North Africa to Europe has raised a number of challenging legal, political and security related questions. As a security consultant and trained barrister it is this intersection between ‘real-world’ problems on the one hand and practical solution finding on the other that makes the work undertaken for Human Rights at Sea so fascinating. To date my research has spanned the fields of international human rights law, the law of the sea and refugee and asylum law. With the support of eminent legal practitioners and a network of expert contributors, as an Intern at Human Rights at Sea one really feels like he is a part of something special. Indeed, operating on the frontline of a ground-breaking human rights-based initiative convened to enhance awareness and raise standards, it is inspiring to know that one’s work is going some way to help engender a more socially responsible maritime industry.

Daniel Shepherd

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