Joanna Oomen (UK)

Internship at Human Rights at Sea is a deeply expansive experience. I am given total freedom to conduct my research within agreed deadlines. A work / life balance is encouraged and respected and full recognition is given where due. Given the ubiquitous nature of Human Rights it has been eye opening to discover the extent of their absence at sea. My focus has been on the express coverage of Human Rights within the International Labour Organisation (ILO) regulations, critical to Human Rights at Sea’ ongoing work and their defence against any party wishing to play them off against the ILO. It is extremely satisfying to know that your research not only builds your understand ing of the scope and need for development of Human Rights at Sea but that, quality permitting, it is actively used for example in negotiations with seafaring unions. It is impossible to not be enthused by Human Rights at Sea and the dedicated team of people involved. Effective changes are being wrought and it is an honour to play but a small part in securing Human Rights at Sea, all the while developing and enhancing the requisite skills and experiences for a successful career in law. Ms. Joanna Oomen, Bar Vocational Course, London

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