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The Law Down Under

On today’s episode of The Law Down Under Podcast, we interview a Law of the Sea (including Human Rights at Sea) expert, Dr Natalie Klein. Dr Klein is a professor at UNSW, Sydney, where she teaches and researches in areas of international law, in particular the law of the sea and international dispute settlement. We discuss what drew Natalie to this area of the law, as well as what the law of the sea generally encompasses and its impact on Australia and New Zealand. Further discussed is maritime security, including the most pressing threats, law enforcement and options for legal reform. Natalie provides insight into the area of Human Rights at Sea and the possible impact of the Geneva Declaration for Human Rights at Sea which is currently undergoing public consultation. We also discuss the law of sharks which is the topic of a book she co-authored. This is an unmissable episode for all those interested in the law of the sea. I hope you enjoy this episode with Dr Natalie Klein.


Listen to the podcast here.