The first Port Safety Day hosted by the Association of British Ports in Southampton on Wednesday, 1 March, saw the bringing together of multiple organisations across the safety, commercial and civil society spectrum.

Attending together as part of the practical demonstration of the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding between Human Rights at Sea and CHIRP Maritime, the event gave both organisations the opportunity to speak with attendees about their respective safety and human rights work.

Adam Parnell, Director Maritime, CHIRP, said: "Attending ABP Southampton's Port Safety Day alongside HRAS demonstrates our joint commitment to improving the lives of seafarers and port workers through a collaborative multidisciplinary approach."

David Hammond, CEO, HRAS, said: "The team at ABP Southampton put on a superb day which allowed us to integrate and, most importantly, show that a human rights organisation can and does add business value in the commercial maritime space."

The Port of Southampton supports 45,600 jobs and contributes £2.5 billion to the nation's economy every year. As the UK's number one export port, Southampton handles exports worth £40 billion annually, including £36 billion destined for markets outside the EU.

The Association of British Ports has a network of 21 ports handling around one quarter of the UK's seaborne trade and over £150 billion of UK trade annually.


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Photo credit: Human Rights at Sea 2023. Attendees: (Right-to-left) David Hammond CEO, Adam Parnell Director, Captain David Watkins Deputy-Director. 1 March 2023.