Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) CEO David Hammond recently visited the Falkland Islands to meet with fisheries stakeholders to actively listen to their perspectives. 

The trip was designed to gain a deeper understanding of the strides made in promoting environmental sustainability and improving onboard conditions for foreign-flagged fishing crews.

During his visit, David sat down with broadcast journalist Darnell Christie of Falkland Islands TV (FITV) to discuss how Human Rights at Sea believes that the Falkland Islands Government (FIG) are setting an example by taking action to improve the working conditions and welfare of crew members on foreign-flagged vessels and proving that using license access and conditions responsibly can bring about positive change. 

In the interview, David expressed his gratitude to stakeholders, including FIG, Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and the fisheries sector for their warm welcome and for spending time with him during his time in the South Atlantic.  

He highlighted Human Rights at Sea's ambition to continue showcasing its "positive findings" in the Falkland Islands, especially with its United Nations (UN) contacts and agencies.

The visit was an important step towards fostering positive relationships, and Human Rights at Sea looks forward to working with FIG in the future as it continues to promote positive practices and drive change within the maritime industry. 

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Photo credit: David Hammond, 2023