Seafarers are facing life-threatening danger.

The war in Ukraine is a humanitarian crisis. For the estimated 2,000 seafarers stranded in Ukrainian waters, the situation is critical. Reports of vessels stuck in Ukrainian ports are growing, and we have already seen seafarers losing their lives in the conflict. Human rights atrocities are being committed against people at sea right now.

We need your help to raise £50,000 to support our in-country work.  

Our emergency campaign has been mobilised so that we can:

  • Meet with seafarers onboard vessels in Ukrainian ports and waters.
  • Provide support and assistance to seafarers caught up in the conflict.
  • Investigate and report incidents of human rights violation and war crimes. 
  • Work with governments and corporations to protect seafarers’ human rights.
  • Ensure the voices of seafarers are amplified via our international networks

We are already engaging with governments and organisations on the ground to protect seafarers. But there is more that we must do, and we need your support to make this happen. 

Please donate today.

With your support we can make sure those who commit human rights atrocities face justice and provide much needed support to victims.