As the world commemorates Human Rights Day, we stand at the forefront of a transformative movement, advocating for the adoption of the Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea.  

In a year that also marks the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, our mission gains added significance as we endeavour to establish a groundbreaking framework for safeguarding human rights on the high seas. 

The Urgent Need for the Geneva Declaration 

Despite being a critical component of global trade and connectivity, the maritime industry often operates within a legal vacuum concerning human rights. The absence of a dedicated declaration leaves countless individuals vulnerable to exploitation, discrimination, and abuse at sea. The Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea seeks to fill this void, providing a comprehensive and much-needed framework to protect the rights of those living, working and travelling on the world's seas and oceans. 

75 Years of Human Rights Leadership 

As we advocate for the adoption of the Geneva Declaration, we also pay homage to the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This milestone document, drafted in the aftermath of World War II, has been a guiding light, articulating the fundamental rights and freedoms inherent to all human beings. The anniversary is a poignant reminder that the principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration should extend to every corner of the globe, including the vast expanse of our seas and oceans. 

Our Call to Action 
  • Advocacy for Adoption: Human Rights at Sea urges governments, international bodies, and maritime stakeholders to recognise the urgent need for the Geneva Declaration. Its adoption is a critical step towards establishing a legal foundation that ensures the protection of human rights at sea. 
  • Community Engagement: We call upon our global community to join us in advocating for the Geneva Declaration. Your support amplifies our collective voice, emphasising the importance of protecting the rights and dignity of individuals at sea. 
  • Collaboration: Human Rights at Sea is committed to collaborating with governments, states, NGOs, and industry leaders to drive the adoption of the Geneva Declaration. Together, we can create a maritime industry that stands as a beacon of human rights excellence. 
Vision and Hope for the Future 

Our vision is clear — a future where the rights of every individual at sea are acknowledged, respected, and protected. We hope that those with the power to act join us in this transformative journey as we work towards the adoption of the Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea

Together, we can navigate into a new era of human rights leadership within the maritime sector. 

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