The Human Rights at Sea international initiative has joined with the Global Ocean Commission to add their support to the Commission’s work on the High Seas. Supporters can be viewed here.

The Global Ocean Commission is an independent, international commission focused on the high seas – that portion of the ocean outside national waters that represents no less than 45% of the Earth’s surface. Its mandate and inquiry covers overfishing, habitat and biodiversity loss, lack of effective management and enforcement, and deficiencies in governance – all issues which have implications for food security, ocean health and resilience, global security, equity and human rights. Please visit the Commission website for more information.

The Commission’s eight proposals form an integrated rescue package which, if taken together, will stimulate ocean recovery. Nevertheless, the Commission cannot deliver change alone and is calling for a joint mission to save the ocean, inviting governments, businesses, civil society and individuals to come together and take action. The Commission calls this Mission Ocean.

The Mission Ocean website is enabling platform designed to profile existing initiatives, projects and activities, and stimulate collaboration for ocean recovery.