In January, we had the pleasure of hosting the premiere of ‘Death at Sea’, which delves into the tragic and untimely death of Eritara, a dedicated fisheries observer who went to work one day and never returned home. His death was initially declared a murder, but was later attributed to natural causes. Four years on, his family are still waiting for answers. 

The Urgent Need for the Geneva Declaration 

Eritara's tragic story underscores why we must continue advocating for the adoption of the Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea.

The Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea (GDHRAS) serves as a crucial framework for addressing human rights abuses at sea and provides a solid foundation for safeguarding the well-being and dignity of individuals in the maritime industry.

With the GDHRAS in place, there would be a stronger international commitment to preventing and addressing human rights abuses, and this commitment, coupled with the clarity and guidance it offers, would facilitate a more effective response to cases like Eritara's. 

It could help prevent such tragedies, offer a level of protection for individuals living, working, and transiting at sea, and hold accountable those responsible for violations. 

"We are at a critical juncture where the international community must come together to protect the rights of those who contribute to the global maritime industry," said Matthew Vickers, Executive Chair at Human Rights at Sea. "Eritara's story is a stark reminder of the urgent need for a comprehensive and internationally recognised framework. The Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea is our best tool to bring about meaningful change."

Eritara's family member looking through photographs placed on a wooden table with a focus on a photo of Eritara and his child
Call to Action

As the film continues to resonate with audiences, Human Rights at Sea: 

  • Urges governments, international bodies, and maritime stakeholders to recognise the urgent need for the Geneva Declaration. Its adoption is a critical step  towards establishing a legal foundation that ensures the protection of human rights at sea. 
  • Calls upon our global community to join us in advocating for the Geneva Declaration. Your support amplifies our collective voice, emphasising the importance of protecting the rights and dignity of individuals at sea. 
  • Remains committed to collaborating with governments, states, NGOs, and industry leaders to drive the adoption of the Geneva Declaration. Together, we can create a maritime industry that stands as a beacon of human rights excellence. 
Vision and Hope for the Future 

Our vision is clear — a future where the rights of every individual at sea are acknowledged, respected, and protected. We hope that those with the power to act join us in this transformative journey as we work towards the adoption of the Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea. 

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Photo credit: Alexander Leeming Froudakis