We are pleased to announce the addition of Max Mifsud, a distinguished maritime expert with over three decades of experience in the shipping industry, to our advisory board. 

Max's appointment marks a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to protect and uphold human rights for all individuals at sea. 

Max is an England and Wales qualified solicitor specialising in maritime law, with over thirty years of experience working in the shipping industry. His extensive background includes managing ships and shipping businesses as well as representing the New Zealand Government at IMO and ILO meetings. He is currently the Director of the National Maritime Affairs Secretariat of the Cayman Islands Government, overseeing the implementation of the National Maritime Strategy as well as the holistic development of the Cayman Islands' maritime sector. His comprehensive knowledge and broad experience have made him a passionate advocate for seafarer rights, playing an important role in securing agreements on some of the latest amendments to the Maritime Labour Convention.

Max said: “I am delighted to join the advisory board of Human Rights at Sea, an organisation I’ve been closely following with great interest over the years and which has substantially contributed to enhancing the rights of individuals at sea. I am looking forward to supporting their ongoing efforts as they continue their outstanding work.”

David Hammond, CEO, said: "With Max on our advisory board, we are confident that our efforts to safeguard and promote human rights at sea will be strengthened. His addition reinforces our commitment to a fairer and more just future for people living, working and transiting our world's seas and oceans."

We are all delighted to welcome Max onboard and anticipate making significant strides in our efforts to ensure that the human rights of all individuals at sea are respected.

Contact: If you have any questions, please write to us at enquiries@humanrightsatsea.org

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