Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) is delighted to welcome the London Shipping Law Centre (LSLC) as a Supporting Entity to the HRAS initiative to assist in the development of the HRAS platform, its international profile and its work within the shipping industry.


Dr Aleka Sheppard (LLB, LLM, Ph.D, Dip. I.A.CIArb) Founder and Chairman LSLC said in response to joining the Human Rights at Sea initiative: ““The LSLC is proud to support this commendable initiative by David Hammond in pioneering awareness of human rights at sea across the maritime sector.”

Since 1994, LSLC has itself built up an enviable international reputation and has a significant membership comprising maritime academic, arbitrators, barristers chambers, brokers, insurers, oil majors, ship owners, solicitors, students and numbers global supporters and traders.


HRAS Founder, David Hammond, said: “I have been working closely alongside LSLC and having spoken with Dr. Sheppard at length about the aim and vision of the HRAS platform, we found that our mutual concerns about the current lack of explicit awareness of human rights in the maritime sector were mirrored. I am therefore delighted to have the support of the London Shipping Law Centre and I look forward to working alongside them in 2015.”



LSLC delivers the highest quality of seminars and debates in maritime legal, commercial and technical issues for risk awareness and further education of maritime professionals from all maritime sectors. Supported by the judiciary, it pools international experts and its library archives contain valuable information. LSLC facilitates business development and promotes the talents of maritime London.

Founding Principles

The core of the centre’s business is to promote high-quality in shipping services through continuing professional eduction for the benefit of its members and the younger generation in shipping.

The industry needs highly qualified and knowledgeable professionals. Reinforcing the principles of applying high standards in the practice of shipping by all stakeholders will lead to an industry of a good public image.

Since maritime business is a complex and multi-facet industry, we believe that inter-disciplinary education and training are fundamental tools for achieving the aim of delivering high quality and efficient shipping services by all sectors.

The centre was established in 1994 to promote these principles and has become a forum of the original and contemporary sense in terms of both quality of its events and participating faculty. It is a meeting learning place, open to all who serve the industry, for free exchange, informal as well as structures, of knowledge, interests and ideas.

At its monthly and special events, the centre focuses on the discussion of pivotal issues and global developments – legal, technical and commercial, melding the disparate disciplines of the practice of maritime commerce.


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