In collaboration with the Lloyd's Register Foundation, we are excited to announce a groundbreaking project aimed at promoting the Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea (GDHRAS) throughout the maritime industry.

'Making Human Rights in the Maritime Context a Reality,' seeks to raise public awareness about human rights abuses at sea and ensure the physical and mental well-being of all individuals living, working and travelling on the world's seas and oceans.

Through strategic roundtable discussions with key maritime stakeholders, we will advocate for the adoption of GDHRAS and provide educational materials to inform stakeholders about its significance and implications.

Our ultimate goal is to secure the adoption of GDHRAS by UN Human Rights bodies and agencies, ensuring that human rights at sea are recognised, provided for, and protected on a global scale.

Matthew Vickers, Executive Chair of Human Rights at Sea, emphasises the significance of this endeavor, stating, "Securing adoption of the Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea is not just a step forward; it's a leap towards ensuring fundamental rights for the estimated 30 million people who live, work, and travel our world's seas and oceans at any one time."

Olivia Swift, Senior Programme Manager at Lloyd's Register Foundation, acknowledges the importance of this project, stating, “Unfortunately, evidence of unlawful activities at sea, including modern slavery, smuggling and violence and harassment of seafarers, is widespread. The international community must come together to ensure human rights apply on sea as they do on land, and we are delighted to be able to support Human Rights at Sea in their work protect the safety of seafarers around the world.”

We are grateful to have been selected for funding through Lloyd's Register Foundation's Small Grants programme, which supports organisations in initiating partnerships and testing innovative ideas. This funding will enable us to make a significant and long-lasting impact on the safety and well-being of seafarers worldwide. 

Please Click here to support our work and contribute to lasting change in the maritime industry and help end human rights abuses at sea. 

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