Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) attended the recent Marine Insurance Nordics conference in Oslo, Norway, on 9th - 10th November, engaging with the audience in the ‘Crew Matter’ fireside chat alongside Gard.

HRAS CEO David Hammond was interviewed on stage by Gard’s Chief Risk Officer, Torunn Biller White, covering numerous issues that face the NGO, its ongoing policy and advocacy work and the future position of civil society influence.

In a wide-ranging and engaging open session, multiple points were covered, including why there is a need for a specific focus on human rights at sea, continuing seafarer abandonments, the criminalisation and detention of seafarers, improving onshore welfare service provision and the impact of the Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea.

Recent fieldwork at the front line in Ukraine, both in Kyiv and Odesa, further exposed the challenges for the NGO in being present in complex environments, while ongoing support at state level to Maritime New Zealand with the Maritime Levy Campaign around sustainable welfare funding mechanisms, demonstrated just some of the impact the NGO is achieving internationally.

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