Picture of Yrhen
Yrhen Bernard Sabanal Balinis
Seaman, Public Speaker, and Journalist

Meet Yrhen, a seafarer and journalist who is making waves in the maritime industry.

As an International Maritime Organization (IMO) Goodwill Maritime Ambassador, he advocates for the welfare and social status of seafarers, as well as the empowerment of young people in maritime.

He is also a part of the United Nations Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea (UNDOALOS) Pool of Experts, focusing on maritime transport. Yrhen is a regular columnist for RIN’s Navigation News, writing for their Younger Members’ Group, and has authored numerous articles in various international maritime-related journals. He has also delivered several speaking engagements for international audiences, including the Maritime Matters event and Safebridge’s Seafarers’ Point of View webinar.

Yrhen’s passion for the maritime industry started when he served as a deck cadet on board M/V Genesis, where he earned recommendations from the captain for promotion to third officer. He is currently an ordinary seaman on board M/V Gwen, where he has found a supportive and motivating crew.

Yrhen completed his baccalaureate degree in marine transportation with Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation of Legazpi City (Albay) Inc. in 2020, where he was an active campus journalist and served as the associate editor of Mariners’ Collegian. Upon graduation, he received the Bronze Anchor Award, equivalent to higher academic distinction, and the Proficiencies in Navigation and Seamanship awards. Overall, Yrhen is dedicated to advancing the maritime industry, empowering young people, and advocating for the welfare of seafarers.

Yrhen Bernard Sabanal Balinis, MRIN, AMNI, SIMarEST