Yrhen Bernard Sabanal Balinis
Yrhen Bernard Sabanal Balinis
Seaman, Public Speaker, and Journalist

Yrhen Bernard Sabanal Balinis, a navigator by profession and a journalist by heart.

With the goal of advancing the maritime industry onwards, he decided to be an active member of renowned professional bodies: The Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN), The Nautical Institute (NI), and the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST). I am also serving as an Education and Training Committee member of Asia Marine Educators Association (AMEA).

He is a regular columnist for RIN’s Navigation News writing for their Younger Members’ Group. Additionally, I am the author of numerous articles published in various international maritime-related journals including NI’s Seaways,Safety4Sea’s special column, Seafarer Stories, and Marino World Magazine.

Moreover, he has delivered several speaking engagements for international audiences. NI President Ms. Jillian Carson-Jackson invited him as a guest speaker for Maritime Matters. Safebridge, for their fourth Seafarers’ Point of View webinar, also gave him the opportunity to talk about his experiences and how he sees “Shipping as a new comer in the field”.

Professionally, he served as a deck cadet on board M/V Genesis (IMO No. 9632947) for two consecutive contracts wherein he earned recommendations of promotion for third officer from the captain. In the midst of the global pandemic and the crew change crisis, he is blessed to embark as an ordinary seaman in what he calls the most supportive vessel he has been with, M/V Gwen (IMO No. 9402067). He may be an ordinary seaman but he has extraordinary goals; goals which his captain, officers, and fellow crew mates support. They motivated, understood and cheered him and all of his extracurricular projects while tolerating my continuous learning progress.

He completed his baccalaureate degree in marine transportation with Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation of Legazpi City (Albay) Inc. in 2020. During my college days he was an active campus journalist representing the school in various regional and national press conference contests. He also served as the associate editor of Mariners’ Collegian, the school’s official student publication. Upon graduation, he was the recipient of the Bronze Anchor Award (the award equivalent to higher academic distinction) and the Proficiencies in Navigation and Seamanship awards.

“Living in this world for 22 years, I know that I have yet so much to explore and discover— and with God’s providence may I be prepared for the things I’ve been praying for. But with the things that I have achieved with my littlest time here in M/V Earth, I dedicate it most for my sibling, Joella Marie; my parents, Maria Martha Bernadette, and Joel; my maternal grandparents: Henry and Bernardita; my maternal aunties: Ma. Henrietta, Henrybie, and Miriam Jonah (+); my cousins: Yrhen Josuah, Nicole Hariette, Nathaniel Harry, and Robie Marie; my uncles: Noli, Romeo, Emmanuel; and to all the people, who in one way, or another, have helped me in my journey of sailing onwards a stronger maritime industry!”

“And we are just beginning. I am now preparing for my licensure examination as an officer in charge of navigational watch.”

Yrhen Bernard Sabanal Balinis, MRIN, AMNI, SIMarEST