Case Studies

Independent Review of Ramifications of De-Flagging M/V Aquarius Dignitus
Indian Seafarers abandoned offshore Namibia threaten suicide over unpaid wages
The Killing of Fesaitu Raimkau: A Fijian Crewman
New UAE Seafarer Abandonment Case Study Published: December 2018 [UPDATED]
HRAS Case Study Seafarers’ Abandonment in Iran Part 2
Manning Agents & UK Fisheries Supply Chain: An Investigative Report & Case Study of Non-EEA crew from the Philippines.
HRAS Case Study Seafarers’ Ambandonment on Kish Island, Iran – A practice of Human Rights Abuses
Human Rights at Sea intern Hajar Hejasi publishes on the Sanchi collision incident
Koval Oleg Igorevich Missing Seafarer Family Impact Statement
Fisheries abuses and related deaths in the Pacific region
Chennai 6 Family Impact Statement Yvonne MacHugh
Family Impact Statement: Chennai 6 – Lisa Dunn (September 2016)
Breach of Seafarers Human Rights & their Abandonment: MT IBA IMO 9438200 [13 July 2017]
Breach of Indian Seafarers Human Rights & their Abandonment: MT Ocean Pride IMO 8520989
Breach of Seafarers Human Rights while under criminal investigation in Angola: MV Sutton Tide IMO 9389461
Human Impact of Denial of Crew Wages: MV Sharajah Moon IMO 7516503 [9 June 2017]
The Human Impact of Crew Abandonment MV Liberty Prrudencia IMO 9250141
2016 – Greece – Nakis Family Impact Statement [Greek]
2016 – Greece – Nakis Family Impact Statement [English]
Australia Migrants: Children in Detention Centre
Australia migrants
SE Asia: People Trafficking
Thailand Trafficking Case Study
Missing Seafarers Reporting Programme Investigative Case Study
Indian Seafarers Falklands Case Study
Libyan Coastguard report
African Migrants Seeking Safety in Europe from torture and ill treatment
Slave Free Seas Case Study Part 2
Slave Free Seas Part 1
Deportations in the Aegean Sea