Seafarer mental health trauma leaflet now available in Tagalog language

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Wednesday, September, 20th, 2017

PRESS RELEASE 20 September 2017 SEAFARER MENTAL HEALTH TRAUMA LEAFLET NOW AVAILABLE IN TAGALOG LANGUAGE Human Rights at Sea is very pleased to announce that following the success of the mental health welfare leaflet “Remaining Resilient after Traumatic Events”, the leaflet is now available in the Tagalog language. The leaflet is now available on both the […]

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HRAS Interview No. 30: Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt Executive Director Rafto Foundation for Human Rights

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Saturday, September, 16th, 2017

The Rafto Legacy Interview with Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt Executive Director Rafto Foundation for Human Rights. The Rafto Foundation for Human Rights was established in 1987 in memory of Professor Thorolf Rafto (1922-1986), an iconic lecturer in economics at the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen, Norway. Now, a little over 30 years on, one of a […]

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Italy sees major drop in migrant crossings from Libya to Europe. But is the cost too high?

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Monday, September, 11th, 2017

Human Rights at Sea comments in the recent article by The Christian Science Monitor about the increasing concern about the actions of the Italian State and European Union in trampling on customary humanitarian principles and international human rights law relating to migrants and refugees returned to Libya, and the well-documented human rights abuses suffered by […]

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Chennai 6 Awareness Film & Family Impact Statement Released

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Tuesday, September, 5th, 2017

PRESS RELEASE Immediate – 5 September 2017 CHENNAI 6 AWARENESS FILM & FAMILY IMPACT STATEMENT RELEASED Human Rights at Sea continues to support the case of the crew of the MV Seaman Guard Ohio, including the British maritime security guards who were detained on 12th October 2013 in the Indian Port of Tuticorin for possession of […]

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MOAS suspends Mediterranean migrant rescue operations

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Tuesday, September, 5th, 2017

  In an unprecedented step, the Malta based Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) search and rescue (SAR) NGO has suspended all rescue operations in the Mediterranean citing, among other reasons, concern about the lawfulness of returns to Libya and alluding to the conditions of those returnees held in detention facilities in Libya. MOAS was one of […]

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Fishing, safety and the Human Element

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Thursday, August, 17th, 2017

  The recent Nautical Institute Seaways article (June 2017) in co-ordination with the New Zealand based FISH Safety Foundation has looked in detail at the growing need and trend to openly discuss the issues of safety in the global fishing industry, including the protection of basic human rights. The Foundation is a Supporting Entity to […]

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Year 4 Corporate Profile Document published

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Thursday, August, 10th, 2017

PRESS RELEASE Immediate 11 August 2017 Human Rights at Sea Corporate Profile Document for Year 4 Published “Over the past year Human Rights at Sea has successfully brought fundamental seafarers’ rights issues to the attention of a wider audience than ever before.  The detailed list of achievements from David Hammond and his small but very […]

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New Seafood Supply Chain Code of Practice Published

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Wednesday, August, 9th, 2017

PAS 1550:2017 Exercising due diligence in establishing the legal origin of seafood products and marine ingredients – importing and processing – Code of Practice. Human Rights at Sea is pleased to announce its close involvement in the Steering Group for the development of the Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 1550:2017 concerning a new voluntary Code of Practice […]

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HRAS Interview No. 28: NGO Confronts Abortion Rights at Sea

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Thursday, August, 3rd, 2017

Last year’s Zika virus outbreak saw a dramatic increase in demand for safe abortions in Latin-American countries. The virus can cause foetal brain developmental problems, and data from Women on Web, an NGO that provides access to safe abortions in countries where they are not universally available, was used to verify the jump in what […]

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[Updated] New Educational Film Series: An introduction to Human Rights

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Friday, July, 28th, 2017

PRESS RELEASE Immediate – 28 July 2017 RELEASE OF NEW EDUCATIONAL FILM SERIES [Updated 31 Jul 17] Human Rights at Sea is pleased to announce the release of the first film in a new educational series titled: “An Introduction to Human Rights”. The short animated film is a first for the charity as it continues […]

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Changes coming for safety in the Fishing Industry

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Monday, July, 24th, 2017

* Human Rights at Sea, alongside a number of key government and industry stakeholders including The Fishermen’s Mission, have been working in support of the UK response to the implementation of ILO 188 (2007) ‘Work in Fishing Convention’ and the proposed voluntary safety management code to be adopted by the UK fishing industry. The focus for […]

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