OP-ED & Film: Human rights abuses of crews on South Korean factory trawlers

London. UK. / Auckland. New Zealand.  At 4 am on June 20 2011, the entire Indonesian crew (32) walked off the Oyang 75 when it berthed in Port Lyttleton, Christchurch. This was the first time, anywhere in the world, an entire crew had walked off a South Korean factory trawler. They had been fishing at sea for only five weeks, on its first outing in New Zealand waters, yet already the crew had had enough of the abuses they had suffered by Korean officers within that short time period.

Press Release: Launch of new migrant film trailer ‘The Dead Sea’

PRESS RELEASE Launch of new migrant film trailer ‘The Dead Sea’ UK. 27 April 2016. Human Rights at Sea is delighted to be able to support the release of the new trailer for the forthcoming short film, ‘The Dead Sea‘, exploring the abuses suffered, privations and humanitarian issues for migrants travelling to Europe from North Africa. Often harrowing...

Fundraising Campaign for film about the Refugee & Migrant Crisis launched

FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN FOR FILM ABOUT REFUGEE & MIGRANT CRISIS LAUNCHED A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for CLANDESTINE, a short film that follows the perilous journey of a group of refugees across the Mediterranean. The latest film by Writer/Director Stuart Gatt, the drama delves into the horrors that have led to the death of 2000...

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