Confronting the sexual abuse narrative pervading an indifferent shipping industry

London. UK. The Lloyds List article 'Maersk suspends crew after rape allegation involving cadet' has rightly challenged the current narrative and stigmas around reporting sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and intimidation of young seafarers set against a background of apparent industry indifference reflecting a collective malaise on the topic.

SaferWaves. Supporting Seafarers who have suffered Sexual Violence or Gender Discrimination

London. UK. The UK-based NGO, Safer Waves, has recently been established to provide a route to support for seafarers who have suffered incidents of sexual violence or gender discrimination at sea as a new independent counselling service for victims of egregious human rights abuse. Funded through UK-based maritime funder, The Seafarers' Charity, its email service is now open to provide access to trained counsellors.

Sexual violence at sea. Dr. Lynn Simpson – Being the Only Woman Onboard

Being The Only Woman On Board [Part 2/3] The first thing veterinarian Dr Lynn Simpson did before boarding the livestock carriers that she worked on for the first time was to slip on a wedding ring. Even though she wasn’t married, it helped to deter unwanted attention from the men she encountered at sea and...

Press Release: Launch of new migrant film trailer ‘The Dead Sea’

PRESS RELEASE Launch of new migrant film trailer ‘The Dead Sea’ UK. 27 April 2016. Human Rights at Sea is delighted to be able to support the release of the new trailer for the forthcoming short film, ‘The Dead Sea‘, exploring the abuses suffered, privations and humanitarian issues for migrants travelling to Europe from North Africa. Often harrowing...

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