Panama Maritime Authority acknowledges mistake in MV ALI BEY Case on ILO Abandonment Database

London. UK.  The ongoing case of the Panama-flagged, Turkish owned, MV ALI BEY (IMO 9070515) vessel arrested in Constanta Port, Romania and abandoned since 30 November 2020 has seen the Panama Maritime Authority (PMA) acknowledge a misquotation of ITF regional co-ordinator, Mohamed Arrachedi, resulting in corrections and amendments to the ILO database. Had the misquote not been spotted the four Syrian seafarers abandoned onboard for eight months would have been further disadvantaged more than they already are.

Flag States: How Can We Get Them to Improve their Performance?

London. UK. Chris Whomersley was Deputy Legal Adviser in the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office prior to his retirement in 2014. The following OP-ED reflects upon the 23 May 21 OP-ED by Captain Michael Lloyd who discussed the role of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982 (UNCLOS), flag States roles and responsibilities, and the actions of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Labour Abuse: Taiwanese Fisheries Human Rights Baseline Study Published

London, UK. Human Rights at Sea publishes a new baseline study in relation to the Taiwanese coastal and deep water fishing industry responding to ongoing field reporting of systemic human rights abuses for national and migrant crews despite current efforts to curb abuse reflecting international human rights and fisheries standards.

EU Social Partners promote ratification of ILO Work in Fishing Convention C188 in Bulgaria

EU Social Partners promote ratification of ILO Work in Fishing Convention C188 in Bulgaria During a meeting held on 28 January in Sofia, Bulgaria, the European Social Partners in Fisheries*, the ETF and Europêche, promoted together with the ILO ** the swift ratification of the ILO Work in Fishing Convention C188. The event was also attended...

Shipowner and Seafarers’ Unions team up to launch new guidance on the elimination of harassment and bullying

SHIPOWNERS AND SEAFARERS’ UNIONS TEAM UP TO LAUNCH NEW GUIDANCE ON THE ELIMINATION OF HARASSMENT AND BULLYING Maritime employers and seafarers’ unions have joined forces to publish new international ‘Guidance on Eliminating Shipboard Harassment and Bullying’. The new Guidelines, developed by the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), can...

The Big Welfare Debate – London International Shipping Week 2015: A Human Rights at Sea Review

­­ The Big Welfare Debate London International Shipping Week 2015: A Human Rights at Sea Review Maritime Welfare Sector Proposals Following The Big Welfare Debate at LISW 2015 Human Rights at Sea proposes three improvements for the maritime welfare sector. First. The establishment of a new funding mechanism directly supported by the maritime industry as part...

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