Supporting Entities

Supporting Entities re those entities that have voluntarily agreed to support the concept of the Human Rights at Sea Charity as an independent maritime human rights platform covering human rights issues occurring within the maritime environment for the benefit of the international community.

Supporting Entities agree with the Charity’s founding principle that “Human Rights apply at sea, as they do on land”.

Supporting Entities provide professional support and where agreed, financial donor assistance, or non-financial support through benefits in kind provided to the Charity on a case-by-case basis.

Collaborative Partners

Are those entities that have voluntarily agreed to be engaged in detail with Human Rights at Sea projects, or where applicable, provide access to professional human rights support services in support of seafarers, fishers, refugees, migrants or indigenous seafarers as necessary. Collaborative Partners may be listed as a ‘Supporting Entity’, or in the alternative they may wish to restrict their involvement to a particular named project.